Coronavirus and the long Easter weekend

Hi everyone, we hope you are all doing well and are taking care of yourselves during this difficult time.

We thought we could give you a Coronavirus update and how this will effect the upcoming Easter weekend. The Australian Government has advised everyone to stay home during the Easter weekend and to continue adhering to the necessary hygiene precaution e.g., social distancing. It might be a good idea to get some online communication working before the weekend so you can keep in contact with friends and family if you are stuck at home! For more information on this, you can view Scott Morrison's announcement on:

Remember the two main things you can do to prevent the spread:

  • Social distancing

  • Practice good hygiene.

For a reminder on the specifics on these precautions, you can view some of our earlier posts or visit the Australian Government's website on

There has also been some further research into the impact of Coronavirus on Australia and why it is important to undertake the precautions advised by the Australian Government. Below is an image modelling the effect of different COVID-19 scenarios and the impact this will have on Australia.

As you can see, there are some dramatic differences between each scenario. You can access the full report on:

So, make sure you all stay safe over the weekend and #stayathome so we can #stopthespread. It is really important that we all follow these rules so things can back to normal quicker!!

We can't wait to see you all soon!

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