Nutrition and Meal Prep

The SWARA kitchen is open from Monday to Saturday for morning tea and lunch. We have our nutrition program happening on Mondays where we learn all about good and bad foods and how these can affect our health and mood.  Every day we have a team of 3-6 people working in the kitchen to prepare morning tea and lunches for everyone at SWARA. Our participants learn how to prepare and cook meals from scratch and how to ensure they use a high level of hygiene and food safety.


The SWARA bakery is open almost every day of the week and teaches people how to bake delicious cookies, cakes, brownies and more. Every Tuesday and Thursday we open a small street store at the SWARA centre and sell our goodies to the extended community. On Wednesdays and Fridays, a small group goes out to Bunnings at Rocklea to sell our delicious homemade items and it makes us all very proud to see how people enjoy our SWARA bakery production. Come and try for yourself at SWARA or visit the Gabba Fruit Store where our goods are being sold.