Our Support Skills

SWARA’s 10 support skill areas provide choices in skill development for clients to achieve their own goals and aspirations based on their own needs.

Our skills-based curriculum is designed to enable clients to connect into mainstream education and training pathways. Each support skill area is structured by outcomes and evidence that they have achieved, enabling clients to move along a learning continuum from co-dependence to independence to interdependence.

Our support skills are categorised into three groups:

Life Skill Supports

Skills for independent living, domestic skills, baking, self-catering, hospitality, recycling, horticulture, basketball and pool developing social interaction, friendships, and contributing to the community.

Creative Learning Skills

Visual arts, choir, drama performances, crafts, music and a rock band, poetry, murals, sculpture and even jewellery making. These skills develop quality self-expression, a sense of belongings and making a valued contribution to the community.

Education, Training, and Employment

SWARA curriculum outcomes are linked to TAFE outcomes enabling individuals with support to access education and training opportunities. Computer training, budgeting, literacy, and numeracy provide opportunities for social and economic inclusion.

Clients Support Skills Choices Semester 2, 2016

Support Skills Choices Semester 2 2016