At SWARA, we are always looking for local businesses and corporations to build a relationship with; to not only assist in the running of SWARA, but to build your brand and awareness in the community. We can work together to provide support, encouragement and new skills to many people in our local area, from all walks of life… an opportunity to “give back”. Given that SWARA has been operating over 40 years, it is an amazing opportunity to work with a fantastic group of volunteers and dedicated staff. Through sponsorship and support, you will gain extensive recognition through our website, social media, monthly newsletter, events and other forms of marketing.


Why choose SWARA for the community partnership?

Over 40 years of networking and contacts at SWARA’s fingertips.
SWARA does amazing work to help people learn and develop work skills – your business can relate to this!
Photos, information, web links and marketing posted on our website and other channels.
A great “can do attitude” across the volunteers and staff.
Such an important organisation within the community and highly regarded.
Participant base is growing and therefore more support is needed.
SWARA will touch your heart and you will instantly know you are doing a great job for the people at SWARA and OUR community.
Networking at SWARA events, that includes government representatives and other local businesses.

How can you be involved?

  • – Donations directly to SWARA.
  • – Assist in fundraising activities through your business.
  • – Volunteering your time –as an individual or as a team exercise. Help develop skills for the clients (very rewarding!). As a group, you could volunteer your time to visit SWARA and present information or skills, based on what your business does.
  • – Referral agreements with your business.
  • – Assisting at events like our 40thanniversary celebrations in November 2015.
  • – You may have your own idea on how you can support?

Please contact our manager to discuss the sponsorship in detail via manager@swara.com.au

Sponsor's Testimonial

Brad H

My name is Bradley Hatten and I am the Bank Manager at St George Bank at Garden City, Mt Gravatt. I have been the Bank Manager there for over 12 months and one of the most important and most rewarding parts of my role, is with my community involvement. I was first introduced to SWARA just over 3 months ago… and I truly fell in love with the place. I have met a large number of clients and to see their passion to succeed and grow, really hit a chord with me. I want to do whatever I can to see these amazing people in our community, reach their potential and live out their dreams. – Brad H.