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Jacinta Foley


I commenced working at SWARA in 2016. My role was to establish a
Developmental Learning Skills Program for the participants and to ensure that
learning was tailored to each individual participant’s needs. I completed a Bachelor
of Education at QUT and have worked as a teacher for 35 years in both primary
and secondary schools. I have done extensive research in regard to reading
capabilities and how individuals learn.

In June 2018 I took up a management position at SWARA and feel very privileged
to be working in an environment that is focused on providing “Loving Service” for all
its participants. SWARA is a place where everyone’s abilities are appreciated and
respected. It is very satisfying to be working with a professional Board, a friendly
capable staff and willing volunteers to achieve the best outcomes for SWARA.


Debbie Kilvington

Senior Support Worker

I first started working at SWARA in January 2009. Over the years I have been given the privilege of becoming Senior Support Worker, WPHS Officer and First Aid Officer. I am enjoying the extra responsibilities and learning more of the duties that are associated with managing a facility such as SWARA. Earlier in my career I was an aged care nurse for 19 years, then I left work for Pioneer Road Services for a few years. I realised I needed to get back to working with people again as I have a calling for this type of work, which brings out my calming, peaceful, and loving nature. I love helping people and bringing out the full potential which is in every client to achieve their own goals and pathways.

Baz Glasson4

Baz Glasson

Support Worker

I began my time with SWARA as a volunteer over 10 years ago. I immediately fell in love with everyone here and it felt like a second family to me. I shortly after became an employee. I enjoy being with the clients, showing people around and introducing others. I am proud of SWARA and the beautiful place it has become. It is an absolute privilege to work here and be a part of the SWARA family.



Support Worker

I was able to join the amazing SWARA team in August 2017 and working here has taught me so much
about myself and about our beautiful participants. With a nursing and life coaching background I have
been able to use my skills daily and I’m so grateful to be learning new things every day. I am very
passionate about supporting people at SWARA to achieve their goals and to encourage them to get what
they desire in life. SWARA is a very wonderful place with amazing people, great staff, lots of fun, love
and I feel very blessed to be part of this.

Tony Picture


Support Worker

I have been a practicing artist for over 40 years and because of my sculptural work, I was asked to
mentor one of SWARA’s clients for a 5 months sculpture project.
I have worked with youth with disabilities for a long time and so when asked to be art coordinator I
came on board. Over the past 12 months I have inspired my clients here to work hard on creating
original and meaningful art works. We specialize in drawing as it is a very honest medium and everyone
is achieving great little drawings. These will be exhibited in regular SWARA exhibitions and also the
major Art from the Margins show each year.
I became involved with the SWARA songbirds because I play an instrument. Also as a staff
representative , with a great group of people I have always loved to sing and play music and the choir
have gained a great reputation


Support Worker

I came to SWARA in 2016, as part of my placement for my Inclusion unit, in my Education degree at
QUT. After I completed my placement, I continued on as a volunteer in the Learning Skills Space as I
didn’t want to leave those who I enjoyed helping learn. As I was about to graduate in June 2017, I was
offered a position to help run the Learning Skills program here. Since then, my role has continued to
expand into other areas, letting me learn new skills and has broaden my understanding of working with
the amazing participants, staff and volunteers here at SWARA.