Education, Training, and Employment

 SWARA curriculum outcomes are linked to TAFE outcomes, enabling individuals with support to access education and training opportunities. Computer training, budgeting, literacy and numeracy provide opportunities for social and economic inclusion.



Social and economic participation.

SWARA builds relationships with the community to offer employment opportunities for our clients. Our skills-based curriculum is aligned to the TAFE and university sector and we are continuing to professionally liaise so that client’s goals are realised. Developing skills via our support skill areas, means clients are able to discover their passions, and capabilities to contribute to society through the workforce. Not only are clients receiving an opportunity to gain employment, they are empowered to gain richer meaning and purpose in life.

Education and training

Curriculum pathways into mainstream education.

SWARA’s goals for clients for education and training is to provide learning options to develop pathways into mainstream education systems. This key learning area will enable clients to pursue a range of educational and training courses through relationships built by the SWARA team. Training in other support skill areas will provide the foundation to build skills necessary for entry-level positions in higher education and training.

Group therapy held in the morning enables clients to express their emotions both positively and negatively, while sharing their story and possible interventions to overcome issues or maintain positive feelings. SWARA performances for the community are always welcomed by staff and clients and the culmination of all the skills and fun experience at SWARA during the year. At times, recreational activities take place for a bit of fun and respite like our pool club, karaoke, and basketball.