Creative Learning Skills

Visual arts, choir, drama performances, crafts, music and a rock band, poetry, murals, sculpture and jewellery making. These skills develop quality self-expression, a sense of belonging and making a valued contribution to the community.


“I can see through others eyes; SWARA helps me.” – Mark C


Communication skills

NDIS Service Grouping: Therapeutic Supports – Counselling as Part of a Group, Counselling for an Individual. Behavior Support – Intensive Behavioral Intervention Support

We communicate our values and needs in every thought, word and action. When we understand who we are, what is important to us individually (our personal values), our learning and brain preferences, we are better able to communicate our needs to others and to connect in a way that elicits creativity, human dignity and leadership into our own lives as we relate to others.

At SWARA we self-assess from our shared values first and then to our diverse values.

Our own diverse values can be self-assessed in the same way so that we can celebrate our diversity in increasingly inclusive, non-judgemental and loving ways.

We pick up how each of us learn best; we learn from weekly and daily mindfulness skills and our Aboriginal ‘Dadirri’ deep listening, and so integrate from our heart to our head to our hands, why, what and how each of us chooses to communicate. Who we are and what is important to each of us individually becomes clearer and increasingly inspiring.


Creative and performing arts

NDIS Service Grouping: Participate Community – Group Based Community, Social and Recreational Activities

Art therapy is one of the most popular activities at SWARA. Art helps us to understand who we are, how to express ourselves and to communicate our own needs and special thoughts and ideas visually.

We have enjoyed many awards and sales in annual Art From The Margins exhibitions.

Choir, band, and music

Music is the backbone of the culture here at SWARA. The Songbirds express genuine love and compassion through their musical performances. The choir and band also perform for various groups in the community to spread the love and joy that SWARA has to offer. We would be delighted to perform for you out in the community so please contact our support skills workers.

“Well… it’s very inspirational! It’s relaxing and once you create something I get to hold onto that piece of art. It’s important for SWARA so people can learn about colours, creativity, and festive projects.”  – Wendy Robb

“It’s good to have music and play along with. We enjoy playing live too! It builds confidence for everybody and is a lot of fun!”    – Steven Doig

SWARA Choir Team

Learning and applying knowledge for independence

NDIS Service Grouping: Development Life Skills – Numeracy, Literacy, Money/Financial Management Skills Development; Group Based Training/Skills Development in Daily Personal Activities

Our learning skills program has expanded in leaps and bounds in 2016 in both individual and group learning environments. The learning choices are tailored to each individual client’s needs. Our learning skills program is one of our greatest achievements to open doorways for clients to greater social and economic participation.

“Literacy is interesting. Good to learn how to work the computer and learn reading, I love it! It is good to learn how to read. If you have a problem on harder words, there is a teacher there with you.” – Annie Smithhurst