08 Oct
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Sunshine Bakery

At the SWARA bakery, we work as a team to help our participants. Our goal is to encourage participants to achieve their goals, doing things that will give them knowledge and skills towards their future development. We have done numerous catering orders, as well as running stalls twice a week at Bunnings in Rocklea. We make a wide range of products, including walnut and vegan cakes, boiled fruit cakes, choc-cherry brownies, coconut pyramids and a variety of biscuits and muffins.

We also provide focused training on Thursdays, to assist participants further in developing their skills. These activities have a positive outcome for participants, as they thoroughly enjoy their time in the bakery and learn many new skills. We look forward to working with many more participants in the future to develop their skills!

Congratulations to Tim, Anne, Ruth, Judy, Guy, Sally, John R, John V and John P who received Gold Awards for their commitment to SWARA bakery for the past few years.