08 Oct
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Horse Riding at EquusTerra in Yeronga

We are branching out to some new exciting community inclusion trips, these include going to the Gold Coast for the day, whale watching, RSPCA, Mount Coot-Tha and even horse riding. We have now been to EquusTerra in Yeronga three times and on each trip we get to take a group of six. It is absolutely fascinating watching these big, beautiful horses being so gentle, caring and calm towards us all.

These horses are some of the most well behaved and kind creatures we could wish for and it is a great reflection on the business owner, Irina and her amazing team of volunteers. A lot of our people have not ever been near a horse in their whole life, let alone being on a horse and riding it. This has brought up all sorts of emotions and feelings, but no matter how scared, frightened or excited anyone might feel, Irina and her team fully support our people and give them an unforgettable experience. On each of our trips to EquusTerra we have had some people with us who had to push through a great amount of fear, but by the time they do one loop around the yard, they have a smile on their face which last for hours afterwards and a feeling of pride in their heart which lasts forever.

When we get back to SWARA, we print out a photo of each person riding the horse, which they then get to take home and proudly show their family and friends. It is not only a wonderful achievement for all the new horse riders, it also warms the hearts of our whole SWARA team to see the glowing faces of our participants. Doing these Horse Riding excursions has been absolutely amazing for everyone and we will certainly keep going back to Irina and her beautiful horses and team at Equusterra.