28 Jun
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ANZAC Experience – Community Inclusion

Our Community Inclusion adventure was a special one this week. We were fortunate enough to get tickets to the ANZAC experience at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre.
First, we were briefed by our guide on how to use our portable narrative devices. We received a set of headphones and a small device that played narratives as we explored the exhibit.
We then ventured through the ‘departing’ feeling of the experience. The exhibit demonstrated how it would have felt to say goodbye to our loved ones when heading off to war. The exhibit provided statistics on Australians who were sent off to fight in World War 1. The ports were chock full of families and the public, sending off and wishing well our young Australians.
The next part of the exhibit showed the life at sea, heading to the frontline in Europe and Africa. We were then taken to the Egyptian part of the tour where extraordinary photos were presented and explained how our troops were stationed there to prepare and train for the battle front. The exhibit also explained how war broke out and the countries involved.
Next, we were taken to the trenches. The exhibit had life-like trenches and battleground to show us what it would have felt like in battle. Really intricate displays were exposed to us in an attempt to provide a deeper experience.
The final part of the tour showed us how the war had ended and treaties were signed to bring peace to the region. Artifacts and memorials were on display for us to pay our respects and honour our fallen troops. All while we were receiving our own personal tour guides via our headsets. Along the way were able to collect items electronically via touching our devices to a tag near displays.
The experience was certainly one to remember. Everyone from SWARA enjoyed and appreciated the tour. On our way out, the Army band was playing some tunes and our members even had a bit of a boogie! Was a fun day out!