Welcome to SWARA!

SWARA provides a loving learning environment in which our participants are free to choose from a wide range of learning and life support skills. We are preparing to transition to NDIS, focusing on participant’s individual goals and pathways to achieve them.

SWARA’s collaborative culture has been sustained by the philosophy of ‘Loving Service in Action’.

Our philosophy has sustained SWARA for over 42 years; enabling SWARA to provide a reliable service for the Brisbane community. 



Jeff Blunt

“I started at SWARA in the furniture shop in the early 1980s.  Later I was in the pottery shop 2-3 days per week and one day per week in the woodwork shop.  Here I made a copper wire winder.  Woodwork closed down.  I made sandwiches for clients for several years.  Later I did wire art and beading work starting when we moved to Woolloongabba.  I started running classes for other clients in groups of 6.  Now I am learning literacy my way.” – Jeff

“I have been coming to SWARA since 1979.  At SWARA I work in the Recycling Centre and look after the plants.  I really enjoy being able to help others and being responsible. My favourite activities are working in the Recycling Centre and going on Community Inclusion outings.  Doing Community Inclusion lets me go out more often and see different places.  I also enjoy learning new skills at SWARA.  I am currently learning how to read in the Literacy Room.  Whenever I have problems at SWARA I see the staff who help me solve my problem.  They are always very supportive. I come to SWARA using the train.  It makes it very easy to get here.  If I couldn’t come to SWARA, I would just be lonely at home.” – Wayne

SWARA is good.  I have been coming to SWARA since 1998 and come by taxi.  My favourite part of SWARA is making new friends and meeting other people that I can work around.  At SWARA I love making salads.  I help in the kitchen and make salads and sandwiches.  I also really enjoy going out on Community Inclusions.  I love going out with my friends to the movies, meeting other people, having coffee and socialising.  SWARA has helped me grow as a person by meeting friends and people and helping me learn how to socialise in front of other people.  Even at parties.  If I couldn’t go to SWARA I would go crazy. – Karen

“I have been coming to SWARA for almost 5 years. At SWARA I enjoy a lot of different activities.  I work in the recycling centre, baking in the bakery, do drawing and play different sports and exercise.  I love learning how to recycle copper and meters. I also really enjoy learning how to read and write in the literacy centre.  My favourite activities are drawing and Men’s group.  In Men’s group we talk about men’s stuff, adult stuff which we need to keep private. I also go out on Community Inclusion trips.  I learn how to handle money and count better. I come to SWARA by taxi.  SWARA is easy to come to.  If I couldn’t come to SWARA I would look for another place like SWARA.” – Josh

Adrian Lang

“I came to SWARA in 1999. I was really in people’s faces and I learnt to step back, to control my temper, to know I can’t change other people; I can just change myself. I have autism and acknowledging it, I try to get on better with people. I have made lots of friends here and other people don’t tell me to back off anymore.” – Adrian