Welcome to SWARA!

SWARA provides a loving learning environment in which our clients are free to choose from a wide range of learning and life support skills. We are preparing to transition to NDIS, focusing on client’s individual goals and pathways to achieve them.

SWARA’s collaborative culture has been sustained by the philosophy of ‘Unity in Diversity.’

The human values Love, Truth, Right Action, Peace, and Non-violence provide the unity that creates a safe, inclusive learning environment in which diversity is happily celebrated. Our philosophy has sustained SWARA for over 40 years serving the Brisbane community.

Support Our Learning Skills

SWARA Learning and Life Skills 

We provide choices for skill development to assist clients to achieve their own goals and aspirations. Our programs provide a wide range of options to suit all abilities.

Our programs develop skills for independent living including literacy, numeracy, domestic skills, baking, cooking, hospitality, metal recycling, horticulture, and physical activity influencing social interaction, relationships, and friendships, which contribute to community involvement.

Our literacy and numeracy programs are tailored to individual needs, enabling clients to progress at their own pace in order to achieve their potential. The support of volunteers and students provide a safe learning environment using computer programs which empower clients to embrace and understand the use of modern day technology.

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20 Mar

Art Show

  • By Buddhi Kudaligama
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Tuesday, 20th March at 11:30am Displaying creative art work of our first eight weeks by our participants  
06 Mar

Celebration of the life of Moyia O’Brien (29.11.1923- 4.5.2017)

  • By Buddhi Kudaligama
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A personal invitation from SWARA To join the Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, and other dignitaries in a celebration of the life of Moyia O’Brien Thursday 10th May 10am-2pm Please RSVP Buddhi admin@swara.com.au or phone 3391 4119 no later than April.
04 May

The Passing of Moyia O’Brien

  • By Buddhi Kudaligama
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It is with a heavy heart that we advise that Moyia O’Brien passed away in the early hours of Thursday 4th May 2017.  As she would like us to describe it, her soul is liberated. She was.